Gambling Lingo: 7 Must-Know Gambling Phrases and Betting Terms

Blog post - Gambling Lingo 7 Must-Know Gambling Phrases and Betting Terms

The world of gambling is a sophisticated yet specialized world that involves lots of new lingoes. If you're new to the scene, you will feel like a lost puppy when you hear specific gambling phrases and betting terms spoken by dealers and players alike.

Gambling Phrases and Betting Terms from A to Z

  1. 86 or Eighty-six

This term is a verb that means refusal of entry or service to an individual. It could also mean the abrupt removal of an individual from an establishment. More applicable in land-based casinos than in virtual ones, this is commonly used as a term to indicate players who need to leave the casino due to uncalled for or unbecoming behavior.

  1. Card Sharp

This term is a noun, often used to describe a person's expert ability at playing cards. Usually, players interchange this with “card shark,” which also pertains to the same thing.

  1. Full Boat

Often heard during card games, this term is slang for “Full House.” It is also called a “boat” or a “full hand” and describes a card containing three-of-a-kind and two-of-a-kind card combinations. This term often applies to Poker and other similar card games. An example of a full boat is a hand consisting of a trio of 10s and a pair of 4s.

  1. Going All-in

This one is a commonly used phrase, even outside casinos. In gambling, it often pertains to a player's decision to raise a current bet by betting everything he has. It is usually an effective tactic in making an opponent lose or fold. This move is typical in Poker and other similar games where betting is involved.

  1. Grind

This term is a verb that refers to a way of playing focused on winning consistently but with small gains. Often used in Poker, it often describes a conservative player that wins little by little over some time during the game. Grinding usually takes skill and lots of patience.

  1. Kicker

This term refers to the highest card in a hand that does not belong to any combination. The kicker only often becomes relevant in a card game when a tiebreaker is needed.

  1. Up the Ante

An ante is a noun that means the amount that must be betted by a player to keep playing in the game. Often, players will say “up the ante” to suggest the raising of stakes by increasing the bet.

If you don't want to look and feel like an outsider, better brush up on these must-know gambling and betting terms. Who knows, knowledge of these words might give you a much-needed edge the next time you place your bet.